Martins  Software & Automation, Inc is a ground-up Io T, smart, cognitive  computing company, with technologies in automated vehicles, advanced  blockchain software for multi-industries and architectural virtual  reality platform, The company has offices in Tampa, Florida and Salt  Lake City, Utah and was sniped-off on March 2020 formed by founders with  limited technology knowledge to advance smart technologies to the  masses working with advisor’s an expert’s across vast technology field’s  to achieve 3 years of R&D, CAD, STL, technical drawings, white  page’s, initial virtual engineering walkthrough, hydrogen fuel cell  integration map, creating initial platforms, systems, and beta testing  one of its systems, customer surveys, end-user licenses, mock up’s of  shipping box’s, concept design and technical roadmap of company  proprietary system M.A.R.T.I.N.S (Mobile Automated Robotics Technology  Integrated Network System), a secure encrypted IoT system that uses  advanced algorithms to bridge’s and interconnect complex networks,  technologies, and robotic vehicles into one integrated system. Martins  currently has trademarks, provisional patents, and a patent filed and  pending, Martins is in the partial developmental stage and has no  revenue, 95% self-funded by founders, current liabilities, non-current  assets (trademark and provisional patents, patents), and net assets at  $479,823,960, before outside capital infusion, Martins is raising  capital via 506(c) from accredited investors to expand operations